An elegant sofa intended for use in various commercial spaces. The design goal was to create something that appears to be familiar, a product that has an elegant design typology and a timeless sense.

The sofa exploits two of the main design strengths of steel, with a strict, light and simple framework and soft twisted armrests. The framework is designed to balance between strength and minimal dimensions. The armrests are produced by hand – twisted into shape by force and in this way create an intriguing and strong contrast between the different elements of the sofa. 

The cushions are designed to give good support and integrated ergonomics. As the seat remains thin and sleek the thickness of the backrest provides perfect lumbar support.

Prototype, first exhibited in Salone Satellite 2016

Lounge Chair
W: 630 D: 610 H 750
Seat height: 390

2-person sofa
W 1345 D 610 H750
Seat height: 390

Materials: Steel, Plywood, Foam rubber, Fabric upholstery

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