Master Thesis / Aalto University 2011-2014
In collaboration with: Danzer Gmbh and UPM GRADA

Onda chair is my master’s thesis in furniture design from Aalto University school of art´s design and architecture in Helsinki Finland. The concept behind this work is to use a structural corrugation to alter the constructional attributes of thin materials.

By using a corrugated surface I am able to create thin, strong structures that save material and costs in production. The corrugation I am also able to combine structural and visual elements to one, creating a structural ornament.

The material used for the prototype chair is Danzer 3D veneer; the implementation of corrugated structures in plywood is bringing an innovative new solution to bent plywood products that saving material and cost. With the corrugated pattern I have been able to create a shell that is 6mm thick and using only 5 layers of veneer. With the added strength of the corrugation the design is subtle and calm retaining a clear modern typology.

The corrugation is design and researched to deliver enough stiffness without interfering with the ergonomics of the shell. The challenge of corrugating plywood has played a vital role in the design process; I wanted to design the shell to be able to be produced with standard method of bending plywood by using a two-sided mold. The pitch and height of the waves have direct relationship with the structural support of the shell but also with the production. There for a long research has been carried out to find a corrugation that is optimized for structural porpoises and to suit production with a two-sided mold.

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